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“BarkBox is such a great way to try a variety of treats and toys from local and small businesses we may not otherwise be able to find.” BarkBox is a subscription service for dog “parents” who truly love to spoil their canine companions. Customers who sign up can choose from different plans that deliver hand-selected dog toys, treats, and other products right to their homes.

This is the cuteness idea…first they have crafted made meals for people now they have come up with have a barkbox food containers for dogs.  They have plans that can be suited for any size dog..small, medium and large.  Barkbox Coupon code 2017 will help you get the costs of purchasing these items every month manageable.

The new item that has recently been offered at Barkbox company is the New Super Chewer BarkBox for Heavy Chewers is now available!  If you have a pup or a dog that loves to chews and chews things up they have a new barkbox call the  Supper Chewer Box.  Unfortunate, there is currently no Barkbox coupon code 2017 for the Super Chewer box.

The Super Supper  Box comes with tough and challenging toys.  Toys that you normally can not find in regular stores.  These toys stay together longer and your dogs will enjoy them more.  If your dog or dogs can tackle these tough chews and rips them up, then they will send you another one for FREE!  Isn’t this cool.

I love this part:  A percentage of proceeds is donated to local animal shelters.

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